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Texting can often be robotic. You send a text that you meant to be sarcastic and it’s totally taken the wrong way. Awkward. So you add in a winky face to indicate being playful. Or a little happy face with heart eyes to show you only meant it with the best intentions. But now some are arguing that emojis are a whole new language on their own.
Essentially the argument is that they provide tone-of-voice to a medium that has none. Emojis were essentially created because it was pretty dang hard to express your emotions via text.
Languages come out of change, especially when it comes out of one language. They are "created out of extreme necessity—they are trade languages, slave languages, refugee languages.” So, if we need emojis in texts...doesn’t that make them a language themselves?
Not quite. Even though emojis are fun and interesting and could really change how we communicate, there is really no way to call it a language itself...because no on will ever learn it as a first language. So let’s keep it as a fun way to keep the convo interesting and adding emotion without having to translate? Cool? Well, for the most part.
Looks like someone only speaks in emoji... @drwhat
Cannot compute.