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It's not too early to plan your halloween costume! If you take halloween seriously, planning a costume, or multiple costumes if you go to a school that celebrates the craziness that is "Halloweekend" takes a lot of time and thought. If you love fashion, why not dress in a costume inspired by the famous names and faces of the fashion world? If you get as excited anticipating halloween as so many of us, here are five ideas for the fashionistas out there.
1. Karl Lagerfeld (and Choupette)
The king of Chanel is never seen without his trademark suit, gloves, and sunglasses. His stoic face and white hair make him instantly recognizable, and easy to dress up as. Bonus points if you carry a stuffed white cat, or have a friend dress up with you, to be his beloved and adorable pet cat, Choupette.
2. Anna Wintour
Anyone can be Anna, so long as you have a bob with bangs wig (or an actual bob with bangs), giant dark sunglasses, and a copy of Vogue. If you have a tweedy little jacket, throw it on, but otherwise, any modest little black dress will do. Never smile the entire night.
3. Betsey Johnson
This is your chance to wear a tutu without being a boring ballerina. A blonde head of hair (wig or not) is necessary, put up high into multiple pigtails. Though Betsey's clothing line no longer exists, her legacy and crazy appearance will be in our minds and hearts forever.
4. Daphne Guinness
Artist and fashion muse Daphne Guinness could be so much fun to dress as, especially if you're down to wear a lot of makeup. The blonde and black hair is a must, pulled back with a lot of volume. Wear anything and everything sparkly, sequined, and with dark hardware. Pile on statement necklaces, eyeshadow, and contour your cheekbones to get her fierceness.
5. Coco Chanel
Dressing like Coco lets you rock a timeless costume without being as generic as Audrey Hepburn. Wear a little black dress, drape on the pearls, and pin your hair into curls. I can't condone the cigarette but it's a necessary prop, so I'll just say leave it as a prop.