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Here's my flash fiction challenge, first raised by @VinMcCarthy in his card.
This is a great exercise! Easy to have fun with.
My first love - of what? According to who?
Of what? Of hair, when I finally got those first wisps at age four; of baseball; of my first dog, the tan-colored, floppy-haired Bowie, who took a photo wearing a baseball cap; of grapes, round and purple; of the rain, of the snow, of the wind.
Of a girl, at age thirteen. Love? Of a sort. According to her and me, a love more real than anything we had known. But now, perhaps not. Is a love reconsidered, years down the road, still a love?
That last sentence hits hard!
@jeff4122 i absolutely love this! especially the last sentence. Also flash fiction!
Love this. you really understand the succinct nature of flash fiction. You didn't over- or underdo anything here, but related the story simply and effectively, while still leaving an emotional resonance. awesome stuff.
@TheJoyfulWisdom thank you!
@LizArnone thanks much!
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