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This year, women have taken over TV. There are plenty of shows in every genre starring strong, commanding women. A once male-dominated industry is finally showcasing female talent and it's a refreshing change!
My list is in no particular order because all these leading ladies have done a phenomenal job representing women on TV this past year.
Created by Lena Dunham and starring a largely female cast, Girls is a smart take on life for post-college women. While her four female leads are each uniquely flawed, Dunham's show is still incredibly relatable for any young women struggling with adapting to adulthood.
Leslie Knope is the best boss. On Parks and Recreation, she runs the Parks Department and still finds time to celebrate all the awesome women in her life. Just reading all the inspiring compliments she gives to Ann Perkins will make you feel better.
Orange is The New Black is packed with strong women. While these relationships can get a bit complicated, the Litchfield inmates seem to have each other's backs when need be.
Broad City is the best representation of female friendship on TV. Not only are they hilarious, their dynamic friendship is supportive and totally genuine, without the drama and judgement that exists in plenty of female friendships on TV.
Not one, not two, but seven female leads. All played by the same actress, I might add. Not only can you see the talent of Tatiana Maslany as an actress, Orphan Black introduces audiences to what is potentially the most diverse group of women on TV.
From comedy to science fiction, this year's TV is giving audiences a variety of strong and independent women to admire and respect. It's about time female voices and perspectives were showcased on TV and I only hope these leading ladies continue to do their thing for years to come.
@shannonl5 ah yes okay, i've definitely seen commercials for it and thought about watching. Sounds interesting, I'll give it a try this weekend.
@LauraFisher The Fosters is kind of like Seventh Heaven? It has less of a religious angle though. And the parents are an interracial lesbian couple so they're definitrly trying to be more representative haha!
@shannonl5 both great suggestions, thanks! I almost included How to Get Away With Murder! It definitely borders on ridiculous, but is still fun to watch for sure. I've never seen The Fosters, but I'll give it a try!
I'd also include How to Get Away With Murder! Everything in Shondaland is a little outrageous, but that's honestly half the fun! (If you're looking for something more family friendly The Fosters is doing a really great job tackling tough issues and embracing their diverse family).