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Wedding photography has taken a turn to the unique with photographers like Shawn and Adam who have moved to Maui and now photograph newlyweds underwater!
The results have been breath taking, beautiful and all around magical as brides and husbands take to the water in full wedding attire (optional), and the pictures come out looking out of this world!
You can check out more of their stuff at Love and Water Photography! Maybe your honeymoon plans will changed to a trip to Maui!
Check out a few of my favorites, I defiantly think that this is worth destroying the dress for.
The way the water is able to make not only the dress, but the bride seem weightless makes for such a beautiful picture!
The way her dress is floating with the water makes this bride look like a newly married mermaid!
There is just something about water and rain drops that can turn this bride into the most interesting otherworldly being!
I wish I could have a wedding picture as beautiful as this one!
Even though they aren't in wedding attire this picture really captures the love and fun between husband and wife! And the turtle looks adorable!
Others have now taken up the underwater wedding photography and the outcomes are just becoming even more amazing! I am especially loving the couple pictures because even the most cynical, i hate marriage types, can't help but find them amazing, and a little mysterious.
These dresses look awesome when the ocean takes control of the flow of the fabric! And the addition of the fish staring at the bride is too perfect.
Being underwater certainly takes the typical bride and groom kiss picture to another level!
I love that this picture is black and white! It makes it feel a bit mysterious, which defiantly goes with the vibe of under the sea!
Sigh...I just love love!
stunning photography. does this mean you have to buy two gowns? I'd be devastated if a $12,600 Elie Saab gown was destroyed for a photo op.
@lizarnone looks like an underwater photo op is in your future. I love the concept really beautiful
This post has so many gems, I don't even know where to start. I LOVE this underwater wedding photography trend – wouldn't it just be the MOST fun as a wedding photographer, to strap on your scuba gear and underwater housing and take a million shots? And the underwater kisses... I die. Sigh. So romantic!! Some of these do have the tiniest bit of a morbid vibe to them, though, like the bride is drowning or something... that I don't like haha. But I love the "newly married mermaid" lol!!
@marshalledgar I'm not sure! I know one of the latest crazes is to destroy the dress so some brides might just only buy one! But I could see getting a second, cheaper white dress for the photos!!
@allischaaff i know right!! some of them i was like hmmmm could be a bride trying to get away from an unwanted marriage haha but i think thats what makes them cool too! the mystery! it is just soooo romantic. i would love if that was my job just swimming all day taking pictures of happy people. They have a maternity section too which is even more beautiful!