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These are the days that I lose all hope in humanity. Here is the next installment of horrible shoe fashion: cowboy boot sandals. The shoes are exactly what they sound like: a mixture of cowboy boots and sandals. I'm getting sick to my stomach looking at these.
There is even a Facebook group for a company that is currently making these wonderful and stylish shoes, the Redneck Boot Sandals. They even boast this about the shoes:
"These Redneck Flip Flops are soon to be the next big product to hit the market. This summers most functional and fashionable statement!"
Somehow, I don't think their prediction of these shoes to be the next big product to hit the market will come true.

USA Today fondly called them "the mullet of shoes."
How about we don't make these become a thing, please? I'm begging you.
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seriously..just burn it.
@kisnow I totally agree with you!
wtf!!! Sad to say if one Jamaican gets access to this, it will become a fashion trend in no time. My ppl are such suckers for "fashion"! kmt
@TerrecaRiley hahaha oh no!! We better make sure these don't get to Jamaica... XD
Personally,I wouldn't be found dead in them!