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Go ahead and admit it, you've walked around with chipped nails before and you didn't have a care in the world.

The first step is always admitting. Don't be embarrassed, we've all been there before. Too lazy to fix a minor chip or remove two week old polish that is slowly disappearing on it's own -- raise your hand. It's time to put those days behind you and take the time to repair those chipped nails we all love to hate.
Thanks to these quick fixes, you have the choice of three options depending on your level of laziness and how badly chipped your nails are. Are you ready to put your laziness to rest and your nails to the test? Let the fixing begin!

The Toothpick Method: Take your toothpick and lightly dip it into your polish.

Take the toothpick and dot the polish onto the chipped area. Give time to dry.

The Nail Polish Remover Technique: Dip a cotton ball into nail polish remover.

Take the cotton ball and soak a finger on the opposite hand of the chipped nail. Taking the nail that is soaked in remover, use it to smooth out the polish of the finger with the chipped nail. Allowing the remover and polish to work together to conceal the chipped area.

The Recreate Your Nails Technique: This specific technique allows you to embrace your artsy side.

Instead of taking the time out to repair a flaw with the same nail polish, mix things up and throw some glitter over top of the chipped area to create a new look. How easily stylish is that?

The Re-Paint Your Nails Technique: This technique would more than likely be the one you would rather not choose.

If your nails happen to be completely chipped with no return -- painting your nails over again would more than likely be your best bet.
I love polishing my nails but I hand wash everything so my nails are forever stripping. I ran out of nail polish remover so these methods are definitely for me. I can't wait for the day when I can afford everything
I can't even recall how many times I walked around with chipped nails. I honestly don't care but sometimes it's annoying to type with uneven nails.
you and me both! polishing your nails can be extremely fun. I have yet to master the art of painting my right hand because I'm right handed lol but yes, the day I can also afford everything will be an amazing day indeed :) @TerrecaRiley
yeah it can def be rather annoying, but hey! it happens to the best of us @ChelseaHeyes