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What's better than a mozzarella stick, cheeseburger, and pizza?
Just when you thought that humans ran out of ideas to add to the already ridiculous list of junk food, we sure as hell prove everyone wrong! This junk concoction is basically all I ever want to live off for the rest of my life. If you don't know about The Vulgar Chef, he is a guy who basically has an ongoing list of food recipes that are so not healthy for you, but so delicious. From bacon cannoli to Doritos breaded chicken, I basically want to marry this guy and have his food babies.
The Vulgar Chef: Will You Marry Me?
Challenge: I want you to try to not salivate while watching this video.

How To Make It:

1) Season ground beef with pizza seasoning. Cook ground beef then mix it with mini pepperoni.
2) Cut roll of mozzarella cheese in half.
3) Add the ground beef & pepperoni mixture into the mozzarella cheese. Add it like you would a burrito.
4) Fold the roll of mozzarella cheese like you would a burrito.
5) Freeze for one hour.
6) Crush some Cheetos.
7) Scramble some eggs. Drunk your mozzarella roll thing into the egg mixture and then dunk & cover it into the Cheetos mixture. Repeat.
8) Back in the freezer 30 minutes.
9) Fry it in hot oil. Deep fry is better. Fry for about 7-10 minutes.
10) EAT!
Ladies and Gentleman I introduce the new queen of FOOD PORN @alywoah. Thank u for posting this lol. I will definitely try it out
omg...I think I died n went to heaven so good!!!
I sort of want to barf but I also am super intrigued?
That would ruin it lol. @danidee
The sick thing is I was like "Oh! This looks good. I bet it could be easily veganized.."
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