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Not everyone is a fan of the little feminine dress. Or the sleek, sophisticated dress. Or wearing dresses in general. Whether you aren't a dress wearer, you're tired of the dresses in your closet, or you've been to so many weddings that you feel like you'll die if you slip into that shift one more time, here are alternative looks to try for a summer wedding.
Option 1: a (semi)Formal Jumpsuit.
Jumpsuits are everywhere right now, and more formal options can look both sophisticated and fashion-forward. Depending on how much skin you want to show, you can pick a jumpsuit with a plunging neckline, something with a more conservative cut, or a strapless, chic option like Emma's.
Option 2: Full Skirt (optional: with a matching top)
If you aren't afraid of going the feminine route, a voluminous skirt is perfectly wedding appropriate. If you want to give it some sex-appeal, tuck in a bare cami, or pair with a crop top that shows just the tiniest sliver of midriff. You can also try the summer trend of a matching cropped blouse and high-waisted, voluminous skirt.
Option #3: A suit
A well-tailored suit can be such a sleek and sexy look on a woman. Make sure yours fits your body well. If you're trying to make a suit more feminine, pair with stilettos and a pretty blouse, or take Cara's androgynous cues and pair with a crisp blouse (optional: shirt unbuttoned for extra sex appeal).
Option #4: Culottes (optional: with a matching top)
Culottes are everywhere this summer, and can range from super casual denim to a formal pair. A matching blouse and culottes looks polished and pretty, and definitely dressy enough for a wedding.
Tricks for dressing up non-dresses:
* Wear high heels. This is the easiest way to give your look a formal update. If you don't like wearing heels, try a flat with a pointed toe. Finally, if you want to go the more androgynous route, find a nice pair of shiny oxfords or loafers.
* Hold a nice clutch rather than a regular satchel or crossbody purse. This makes it clear that you consider the look formal, and everyone else should too.
* Accent your look with pretty jewelry. Drop earrings, sparkly studs, and stacked rings elevate the look quickly, while hoop earrings and chokers dress down your outfit.
I'm so obsessed with the jumpsuit idea! Basically anything that Emma Stone wears though to be honest :)
Thanks, @jordanhamilton! I'm a dress lover too, but sometimes I just want to mix it up
Love love love this post! You added some amazing options. I am loving the culottes and the pant suit for sure. All options are timeless, especially the jumpsuit. I'm a dress lover, but this post just made me want to go to a wedding now.
you're welcome! and mixing it up is always a must :)