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Seeking validation from another source in order to feel good about yourself is a total waste of time. Who cares if "John Doe" doesn't like your broad shoulders, wide hips, pencil thin legs, or noodle arms. Someone else who is twenty times cooler/better looking/funnier than "John Doe" will. Work on yourself, by yourself, for yourself. I cannot stress this enough. When it comes to self improvement, the only person's opinion who matters is yours. You want to lose 5 pounds because you want to fit into that dress thats a tad bit snug on you. Not because you saw some photoshopped model in a magazine. You want to eat healthier because you've noticed a lack of energy throughout the day. Not because you're trying to impress your coworkers during your lunch break by eating a salad. You want to try that new Bikram Yoga class because your flexibility needs improvement. Not because it's the newest fad. You want to drink that kale smoothie because of its nutrients. Not because its trendy to be seen with a green drink in your hand. Work on yourself, by yourself, for yourself and I promise you will have no regrets.
Definitely needed to read this to get me back in the right mindset!!! "work on yourself, by yourself, for yourself' def resonates with me. great card!! :) way to promote positivity.
I'm glad you found inspiration within this card @jordanhamilton! It's difficult to stay motivated, but if you focus on the end goal it will all be worth it.
Good words to live by! Awesome!
wise words! you're so right, the end goal is always worth it. this card def has me prepared to get back on my A game. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!