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Did Pink Floyd create their 1973 "Dark Side of the Moon" as a secret soundtrack to the 1939 original "The Wizard of Oz"?
Ok, probably not. But maybe!
There's a fan theory - and I stress that it's a fan theory because the band has denied it - that Pink Floyd made their groundbreaking album to line up nearly perfectly with the original film. The theory gets its start in the album's cover, which shows a ray of light passing through a prism. To believers, this mirrors the film, which begins in black and white and turns to color.

Pink Floyd are crazy enough to have done it...

Sometimes, it's the lyrics that line up (and, frankly, the 'coincidence' is often pretty frighteningly....coincidental). Sometimes it's the sounds. Or the tempo, or timing. Basically, there is actually some basis to this theory. It's probably nonsense, but it's definitely one heck of a coincidence.
Pink Floyd have long been one of my favorite old-time bands, and Dark Side of the Moon is rightfully on most lists of best albums of the '70s, or of all time. And this theory only makes the album more exciting.

See for yourself

Here's a fan video that highlights some of the places in which the album and the film correspond. I'm particularly convinced at times like the mayhem of the tornado and the way the music matches. Then there's the bit where the song "Money" turns on juuuust as Dorothy sees the yellow (gold?) brick road. Munchkins seem to dance during guitar solos.

So what do you think?

Are we just seeing things, or are the coincidences too dramatic to ignore?

I'm not convinced either way, but I'm definitely having fun imagining Pink Floyd getting together to watch the movie and then make an album about it!
I've done the 'dark side of the rainbow' all the way through. It's kind of cool? But I didn't really take it seriously. I guess I'm a non-believer too ^_^
You caught me....
What?! This sorta blew my mind a bit. But as a huge Wizard of Oz fan...It feels more of just a fun way to connect and make comparisons of the two things that have nothing in common.