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Taylor Swift is currently traveling the world on her 1989 World Tour. She's selling out stadiums so quickly that it's next to impossible to find an extra ticket. Everyone who's anyone wants to be at Swift's concert because she is THE Taylor Swift. She has done many shows in the United States already but has now journeyed over to the United Kingdom. On Tuesday, she made her way to Glasgow, Scotland for her concert.
And let's just say she has a really strong love for Scottish people...

Why does she love the Scottish?

Idk... MAYBE BECAUSE HER BOYFRIEND IS SCOTTISH. However they haven't publicly announced that they are dating and they've remained very private. Calvin Harris is only a stage name after all. His real name is Adam Richard Wiles and he was born in Dumfries, Scotland in 1984. He's also 31 years old so there's not too many years between the power couple. She made sure to let the people of Scotland know she loves them!


Well first here's one of the only paparazzi pictures of Taylor Swift to reach the internet as soon as she landed in Glasgow, Scotland.
Anyways, when her father found out she was singing in Glasgow, he rushed to tell her a fun fact. He sent her an email right before the show telling her that her family was Scottish while writing "you have to tell them that".

"So I am one of you, and I'm proud because this crowd is amazing!"

I had no clue that Calvin Harris wasn't his real name?!
@danidee I know right!? It's actually his stage name!