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No, seriously. Last time I went to go visit my family, my little cousins downloaded a Justin Bieber Dress-Up app on my cellphone and plastered my Facebook wall with screenshots of it. SMH.
My little cousin asks to borrow my phone/laptop all time, it drives me nuts. She also sneaks and uses it behind my back. But it's like opening your door to viruses and crazy downloads. Like nooooo. Use your toy laptop and learn your vocabulary words on that.
I still go through it whenever I go to my sister's. She has three of them.U can only imagine my dilemma! Fighting, complaining, calling mom... omg!I have resorted to keeping my phone on vibrate and in conspicuous places on my body so that they don't see it... out of sight out of mind
@mistymaity At least he's past the age of putting your cellphone in his mouth!
Oh wow @alywoah! I read your comment and laughed out loud for real!! Lol! Que up the toy laptop.
@alywoah Hey! I KNOW those toy laptops!
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