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The Knicks rebuild must start tomorrow night at the NBA draft.
Lets call a spade a spade, the Knicks were horrible last year. The team finished the season 17-65, owners of the worst record in the league. Since Phil Jackson has taken over, the team has taken large steps backward talent wise in order to clear cap room.
The Knicks have their franchise player in Carmelo Anthony, but outside of Melo, the team roster is weak. Melo is in his prime and the teams needs to get better now if they want to make their run with him at his best. The draft tomorrow night is the franchise’s most important night in nearly two decades. If they are serious about the turnaround, they will have to fill the void at point guard with the fourth pick in the draft.
The Knicks need a strong willed, dynamic point guard to make this offense go. While I don’t think D’Angelo Russell will be available, Emmanuel Mudiay should be on the board. Mudiay is a rare combination of size, speed, agility and athleticism. He stands at 6’5 and plays with a great motor. Offensively, he has a quick first step and adept ball skills that really help him when attacking the basket. Team scouts compare his offensive attributes to those of John Wall when he first came out. Defensively, Mudiay could be a game changer for NY. He has good feet and plays with alot of heart.
The Knicks need to hit a home run with this pick and Mudiay is just that. He was ranked at the #2 prospect out of high school last year. If NY is serious about getting out of the gutter, they should take Mudiay.
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@christianmordi there is no sense in denying it, the knicks need someone who can be an instant star. It doesn't matter if it is a PG, SF, C, whatever... they need another star so that when 2016 FAs come, they see a chance to play with Melo and a rising star. That will give them the trio that they will need to be contenders!