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New research, discussed in this BrainDecoder article, says yes.
"A new study, which could be the most epic scientific investigation of the year or a pointless exploration of the obvious depending on your perspective, found that people feel better after watching cat videos, and sharing them with others could offset that twinge of guilt from treating yourself to unproductive entertainment instead of doing your homework, filing your taxes, or making that deadline at work."
So watch these cat GIFs in total peace of mind, knowing you're doing your mental health a favor. :)
I do not like to drum. Stop forcing me.
*sees clock* What?! I'm late!!
I need that balloon.
Uh... I'm just gonna go now.
You look weird from this angle.
Fight to the death!!
Doo doo doo... just taking my cat for a walk.
This is fun. Right?
Fives, dude.
...damn, that lady cat sexy.
Masssaaaaage. least I tried to help him.
It seemed like a good idea at the time!!
This is my sexy dance.
Plz stop. I'm napping.
Does watching cat videos really make us happier? I know it makes me smile! I wonder if it also works with pictures of puppies...
The sexy dance one was my fave.
They are so funny. Thanks for uploading and making us happy.
@danidee Is that what your sexy dance looks like? XD