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Channing Tatum is my all-time favorite celebrity guest on Jimmy Fallon. He's always hype to play whatever ridiculous game Jimmy Fallon has up his sleeve.
^^^ I feel like plenty of stars would not be too excited to dress up as a girl and dance around with Jimmy Fallon, but Channing Tatum is always a good sport.
On last night's episode of The Tonight Show, Jimmy and Channing played one of the show's recurring games, Kid Theater. The late-night host asked kids to write scripts for a movie called Magic Mike, but of course, the end result is much more innocent than what we will actually see in theaters.
The scenes they write are pretty funny and adorable, involving bikes and aliens instead of strip clubs.
While it's cute and all, I'm still a bit more excited to see the real movie in theaters..
This is hilarious. I love Jimmy and Channing's adorable little bromance.
@allischaaff I know same here, it's almost as good as Jimmy's bromance with Justin Timberlake.