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"Hey! Danny! Look!" shouted Kevin as he came to the crest of the hill. He was pointing with his free hand and jumping excitedly, binoculars bouncing againts his chest. Kevin was a tall, athletic type who seemed to always have everything going for him - ladies loved him, men wanted to be him, was the quarterback in high school AND college, etc.
He lowered his hunting rifle and waited patiently for Danny to huff and puff his way up the hill.
Danny, for his part, was a stark contrast to Kevin. He was fat and hadn't been within 10 feet of a woman in years. Grasping his hunting rifle, he made slow progress up the gentle incline.
Once atop the hill, he saw what Kevin had been so excited about. After months of searching for it, digging up old documents for hints of its location, they had found the legendary marshmallow farm, ripe for the harvest.
Breathing heavily, Danny looked with wonder upon the acres of giant marshmallows. His mouth began to water.
"Oh man, I know what we're having for lunch today!" said Kevin excitedly. Danny side-eyed him greedily. He didn't want to share in this newfound marshmallow fortune. He wanted it for himself.
A single crack of a rifle resounded throughout the plain.