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In kindergarten I had a big crush on this kid who lived across the street from me. We played Pokemon, did chalk drawings on the sidewalk, and had water gun wars with my older brother. I told him I was going to tackle him if he ever made fun of me. He had big brown eyes and so did I.
One day I suggested “Hey, let’s play Pocahontas. I’m Pocahontas (duh) and you can be John Smith.” I performed all of the music scenes, and with a particularly good rendition of “Colors of the Wind.” When it came time for the scene in the Disney movie when Pocahontas kisses John Smith, I did what the best sort of actress does... And gave him a big fat wet one, straight on the mouth.
I was teased for months after that.
I’m not the best writer, I’ve never been particularly eloquent. But I knew at a young age I was performer, so I let my emotions latch onto characters and played with it.
I’m good with connecting to songs, characters, and emotions that other people have...pointing to them and saying, “That. That’s how I feel."
Thanks for prompting the challenge @VinMcCarthy. Here’s the character I would take on if I could go back and do first love again.
Thanks @VinMcCarthy! I really actually liked doing a bit of creative storytelling for a change. Might try it again some day...
@nicolejb I like the scene being set here; the playground antics, the awkwardness of youth and the teasing. I like how much of yourself you put into the writing. Keep up the good work!