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There's all sorts of hype, imagination and DIY stuff out there to help you create sweet tables that are as unique as you. Everything from a Star Wars themed wedding sweet table to something that is over flowing with gold and flowers. That's not even talking about the food that's served on these things.
So what if I told you that you could AND SHOULD serve smoothies?! Am I for real? Yeah. I am.
If you do a search in your area for wedding smoothies, you will notice that EVERYONE is jockeying to provide some sort of "extra" to your wedding event. You will find vendors to provide smoothies, sorbet and even a gourmet coffee/tea option. Your options to provide the best in consumables for your guests could not be more inventive or expanded.
The alternative to serving smoothies are to get desserts that are smoothie flavors like in this picture. These French macarons are Strawberry-Banana flavored, which are made by Jenna Rae Cakes. You can see they added a bit of gold glint to the tops of the strawberry flavored cookie.
If you need help on where to begin your sweet table journey--before going the smoothie route--click here for easy how-to.