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We all want to be smarter. Here are 5 simple ways to get smarter before June is up.


This is my number one trick to increase your smarts. It makes retention of information easier, you learn new words and it makes for a great use of your time if you're reading great writers.

2. Try Crossword Puzzles or other Brain Games

Exercising your brain daily is essential. Try Sudoku if you're a math person, crossword puzzles if you're a word person.

3. Try to Write Something

Writing heightens your IQ each time you practice it. Those who have good writing skills must write every day, even if you're not a writer: trying poetry or even journaling can make you smarter.

4. Exercise Your Listening Skills

When you listen to people, you learn more. Listening skills are developed early on in childhood, but lessen over time if we don't actively do it.

5. Learn Something New Each Day

Try to learn something about a new topic every day. Whether it's by reading a new news story or seeing a tweet about a scientific fact, any little bit of new information will help you get smarter.
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it'so nice to raise english skill