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I love food. I love hiking. So, you might guess that I spend a lot of my time looking up food that I can really enjoy while hiking.
And today I found a new site that I think I might have to spend more time on, because they have so many great recipes that I want to try, even if I end up just eating it at home.

Welcome to ThruEat

Ok, so the layout of the site is pretty simple but I like that. I'm just trying to find recipes and advice I like, so I don't need anything fancy. On the homepage, you see all the recipes, dried basics, and blog posts added recently.

The Dried Basics Tab

If you click "Dried Basics" you come here, and you can see just how to dehydrate a bunch of different foods from beans to canned chicken, and find out how much weight you will save by doing so! Super awesome list and resource!

The Backpacking Recipes Tab

My favorite page, though, has to be the backpacking recipes tab. Look at this chicken tortilla soup!! And, when you open any recipe, there's really nice photo tutorials as well as instructions on how to make it, how many calories are in the foods, and even how much it might cost you!
Check out ThruEat for yourself! I promise you'll find something you want to try or eat with no issue. Their blog also does some pretty cool experiments like "what kind of powdered milk is best?" that all of us hikers like to discuss all the time, so its nice to see more formal testing done.
Cool stuff!!!
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YUM. Let me make all the things. HOnestly this seems like great stuff to have at home just so you can make quick meals, too!