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Some sites are saying it's a rumor, others are saying it's fact. Either way, I think at this point, after a year of hiatus, we can believe that Sulli really is leaving f(X). Her alleged reasoning is that she's interested in focusing on her acting career. While I wish her the best of luck, I think it's a little unfair to fans as well as other members of f(X) that she waited a year just to announce what we already suspected.
It's possible that there's more to the story, though, so I guess we shouldn't throw her under the bus. All we can do is wait for SM to make an official statement.

Fortunately, I think that Krystal, Victoria, Amber, and Luna are all talented enough and popular enough to continue promoting without Sulli. Sulli was my favorite member, but I can see f(x) doing well and not having to make such drastic changes to continue being successful after her departure.
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My best friend does dance covers and always learned Sulli's parts. She's going to be so sad!
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