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Someone asked me this question on my Facebook page:
Hi Angie! I love your cosplay; the characters you pick are really cute and suit you well! How did you learn to sew? Did you pick easier characters in the beginning, or just jump right in? My sewing skills are pretty basic right now, and I'm curious about how you got to where you are.
And my answer to her!!
Thank you!!! I'm self-taught, and I would say that I picked decently easy first cosplays. The first costume that I made myself was Menma from Ano Hana. I re-made it once or twice, and I would love to re-make it again in the future! I honestly just watch and read a lot of tutorials, and buy patterns when they're on super sale!! If you have any more questions feel free to ask ~
If anybody has any questions, feel free to ask in comments or message me! Ijust got back from France! I had a wonderful time there and can't wait to go back. Now it's time to get to business on Otakon cosplays!
@Angelipon you're really inspiring!!! We can all learn somehow, I guess...
I agree, this is so inspiring! Keep posting, I can't wait to see what you do next!! XD
Do you have any tutorials you would recommend, or do you have some that you've made yourself? I've done a little cosplaying and I'm getting back into it now that I have more free time
So just keep trying till it works? That works for me! I need to start attempting to make my own....