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For UNDER $200, these two Donna Morgan bridesmaid dresses are impossible to not love!
Love this shantung "fit and flare" dress in French Pink. But it also comes in a dark Blueberry and a creamy Sunny color too. Shipping is free if you order through Nordstrom online.
Item #1017690
Similar to the other "fit and flare" bridesmaid dress, this one is strapless and comes in the color Turquoise you see here and the colors, Navy and Pink. This is also eligible for free shipping if ordered online through Nordstrom. Still, under $200.
Item #1017722
Just one more thing that I want to point out with these dresses. Did you happen to notice the shoes? Nude pumps. Another reason WHY YOU NEED a good pair of nude pumps for occasions like this. Each of these dresses looks beautiful with something nude. You want to avoid being matchy-matchy.
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