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Something interesting happens when you finally decide to go to a convention after more than a year of not being able to, and you've still got 8 months to go until then.
You see, you have to start planning your cosplays. Planning your groups. Buying things. Saving money. Finding hotel space. And so much more. But you haven't done the con thing in so long that...it doesn't come as easily.
So, you become me, and you stare at your collage of 16 different Nozomi Tomo outfits and try to decide which two you really, really want to wear, and how you're possible going to be able to get them together.
Then you ask your friends to choose for you because who-am-I-kidding-this-is-too-hard!!!!
Katsucon2016....here I come! Hopefully.
(seriously though @starberry @AngeliPon help meeeee)
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I like allllll th eones on the far left column!