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I'm always excited when I can make the most out of the things I purchase. For instance, saving crushed foundation powder, using baking soda for beauty, and using a spoon as makeup tool. This time I'm sharing five beauty products you can use for your hair.

1. Powder SPF

Did you know our also needs sun protection. This is one area most people tend to forget (and the neck). SPF hairspray is too oily for me so I live brush SPF powder on my scalp.

2. Mascara

How to cover up hair roots that are growing out? Mascara! This method only works for dark hair. Take out an old mascara and wriggle the bristle in between your roots to subtly cover up your little secret.

3. Body lotion or Balm

If your hair is dry and needs a slight boost in moisture, you can just rub a dab of your fave body lotion or balm in your hair and await enviable results.

4. Chapstick or Lip Balm

Carry it around and take it out when you need to tame stubborn fly aways and cowlicks.

5. Blotting Paper

Need a quick touch up to your super greasy post-workout hair but you're out of dry shampoo? Those blotting papers your face loves so much sure do come in handy when you’re looking to mop up unwanted grease.
I hope this was helpful! There are many other beauty products you can use for other purposes. Just be creative!
U know those papers to cover the toilet are the same exact thing as the blotting paper...
I never thought to use blotting paper for oily hair! My hair gets really oily really fast during the summer, and that would be great for touch-ups!
I've been using body lotion as my hair lotion for the longest time. It does work! I don't recommend using it for the whole hair though because it can weigh your hair down.