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Lately I've been wanting to get a different job that's not jus a JOB but a CAREER. I'm smart, very personable, humble, a quick learner and am always ready and willing to help. However, when I embark on the journey of job searching it feels like they want someone with 10000 years of experience and education to which I feel that if I even apply what's the point? Because I lack the experience that they're asking for and I also have an Associate's degree. I guess I just feel disheartened because I'm more than capable when given the chance.
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Volunteering helps a lot. No one wants to work for free, but everyone is willing to show someone the ropes when they're willing to work for free, so I learned a whoooole lot for a verrrrrrrry little money, but at the same time, it really helped me gain the experience I needed to overstep that hurdle!
Thanks for sharing! I'm sure most of us feel inadequate when searching for a job that list a bunch of prerequisites. All I have to say is don't be afraid to apply and go for it! You will never know what the result is unless you try.