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Our sweet new addition to our home!! She had matted fur, was so skinny and terrified!! We were able to coax her out from under our house with some scrammbled eggs. We immidiately got to work (I knew nothing about cats so the pet section at our local dollar store came in handy!!) I used a warm wash cloth and baby shampoo to gently wipe the mud and poo away from her fur and paws. Then brushed her hair with our doggy brush!! That evening a stray adult cat came wondering by "meow, meow" the kitten called back!! This was her mommy!!! I put 'Whitey' down and they both took off into the night. Well thinking that was that we went to bed. The next morning they were back under the house, which really did not sit well with our dogs... So we worked at getting them out again. This time we were supprised to find another kitten!! And this time we brought all three in and made them a bed in one of our dog crates. Once everyone was settled into bed for the night, I decided to determine how "wild" our little family was. They were hissing at me but I gently got the mom out and brushed her fur and cleaned her up. She seemed more than grateful. The poor thing was so so skinny and scarfed up every bit of food I gave it. I moved all three to my bathroom so they had more room to move about freely. And to my suprise they have never deviated from their litter box!! Which is amazing to me because I still haven't been able to house train our dogs. (Granted I haven't taken as much time as I should to work with them.) Now all three are doing great!! The kittens are still nursing and have fat little bellies!! The mom is still skinny but she comes and goes freely, I let her out every morning and every night she comes back. My mom wants one of the kittens and although I'm not a cat person Whitey sure has grown on me!! And I am super suprised how clean they are!! I always thought cats were gross and stinky lol! Nope even these strays have never missed their litter box. Clean up daily is necessary but gosh don't you shower daily and who would want to poo in a nasty bathroom??