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Hey! Hey you. I just wanted to say. You are weird. No; you are wonderful. No. You are weird and wonderful!
See! It is possible for someone to accept every little thing you think is weird about you and still think you're wonderful, and they're going. Someday, the right person will come along and you'll realize that all those relationships you were in where you hid parts of yourself really mean nothing. When you're totally open about who you are because you're truly comfortable with them, you'll realize what a relationship can really be.
But first, remember this: you need to love yourself! Love yourself so that someone else can love you, too. Love yourself because you deserve it. Love yourself before you're weird and wonderful and that's worth loving.
Hey everyone!! I just wanted to post up something a little cheesy and inspirational :) It's been great seeing so many people around here posting about love and romance and being YOU, so I wanted to join in, too!
If you ever wanna chat just message me~~ Love you all!!!
Oh, and if you ever need advice, check out this collection where the Love & Relationship community all gives advice to people!! You can be anonymous, just message me your problems and I'll post the card for you :)
I really love the sentiment here. I think people struggle with self-love and they need to know that they are wonderful (myself included sometimes)
@VinMcCarthy Exactly! I say this but I find it hard, too, to remember that I'm pretty awesome and that other people will think so, too. I think it's normal to struggle with this but I like to remind my friends too hahaha I'll just text them soemthing so cheesy but they're kind of used to it, and I think it does make them love themselves a bit more