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Jessica Simpson has lost 50 pounds since joining Weight Watchers. Sporting skinny jeans, a tight black shirt and a plaid button-down, Jessica shows off her weight loss in a just-released commercial. "I didn't need to be perfect to get here, to lose over 50 pounds on Weight Watchers," she says in the spot. "It lets me be me and I'm only human. I love food, I love life." "I had no idea I could be so in control and so free at the same time," she adds in the ad for the company's new Expect Amazing campaign. And while she looks amazing in the ad, she may be putting some of the weight back on if those pregnancy rumors turn out to be true. So far, no word from Jessica on the baby reports. cr; toofab
I really hope she could get her Daisy Duke body back.. Coz if Jes Simpson cant, how can the rest of us fare? :(
plus she might be pregnant again so we cant expect her to be sporting Daisy Dukes soon
I'm pretty sure she started binge-eating right after she hit that 50 lbs loss mark... >.< end of contract.. done..
but the thing is,, she's been through many yoyos that makes me cringe while reading this ad haha