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You probably seen your hairdresser styling your hair with these tools before. Hair dryer attachments goes on the end of the hairdryer to control how heavy air is spread through your hair. Diffuser and concentrator are two basic type of hair dryer attachments.

1. Diffusers

This is a round plastic attachment that lets you control the intensity of air flow for a more gentle blowout. People with wavy or curly can really benefit from this tool because reduces frizz and preserve the hair's natural curl.

2. Concentrators

This duck-shape looking attachment can help direct airflow to specific area on your head for advance styling control. If your goal is to have sleek and straight hair then you'll find this handy. It is also available in various shapes and sizes.
Another type of hair dryer attachment you may heard of is called Piks. It works like a hair pick and are used to create, volume, body and lift. However, not many people use this type of diffuser.
That's it for today! Stick around because I'll follow up with proper ways to use the hair dryer attachments.
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I'll be honest. I didn't know attachments are used for styling purposes. I thought they were fancy add-ons, so I take them off.