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File this guy under "Cosplays I never thought I wanted to see but now that I've seen it oh my god it's brilliant!"
SERIOUSLY!! It's the Disney version of Robin Hood from Robin Hood and I am more psyched about this than I could have ever predicted!
The cosplayer above (Deaththorn cosplay) did the makeup herself and clearly has a really talented hand for doing so. I wouldn't even know where to begin to create the right look and colors for this character!
The same cosplayer was also Sith Anna (crossover between Frozen and Star Wars...yeah) over here and that's just sick. I know they slave crossovers have been posted about BUT ANNA!! SHE'S... ITS JUST!! AWESOME!!
Another cosplay of hers I found on her Facebook page is this awesome casual punk version of Kairi which is SO Kairi but still so on point for being a casual outfit!
Needless to say this girl is basically just #CosplayGoals all around!
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Oh my goodness! I'm so amazed by all of those little details. Definitely some serious Cosplays Goals.
Dat Keyblade though.
@shannonl5 For real. So envious....I gotta work harder!
Same here @vulpix