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It's rare that anyone sees me in the stages of getting ready but I was so excited about my Younique delivery yesterday that I decided to share what a difference using this product makes! Look at my lashes...I know some guys reading this may laugh, but thus is a serious difference with JUST glue or possibility of a blink sending fake ones fluttering off at the most embarrassing moment (yes, that has happened to me). If you have not tried our 3D lashes, then I challenge you to do so. There is a Love It Guarantee so it's risk free!! What's better than that? ♡♡look for the link in my bio♡♡ #younique #beauty #askmeaboutmylashes #lovemyyouniquemakeup #havetogetthis #3dmascara #linkinbio
How many layers did you have to coat your lashes? They're so full!
most people who use fiberlash mascara have odd looking, crazy spider leg lashes which is the main reason I said that. honestly, try coconut oil on your lashes every night before bed. may help with the condition they're currently in
@aDeadlySin You are absolutely blessed if yiu have long lashed to begin with! :-) Mine dont actually look like spider legs in person, I think that may have been my picture taking skills (or lack of is a better way to put it). I'm turning 40 this year and in my 20s I didn't take care of my skin and self the way I should have. short thin lashes is one of the side effects of being a teen in the 80s and using horrible cheap products. Lol.
They just don't look natural. I mean, I was blessed with naturally long lashes so two coats of regular mascara is good enough, but why willingly make your lashes so false and spider leg looking?
Only 2! And nothing underneath either @maymay75.