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Hello everybody sorry i have been gone so long. The reason being is that I had a lot to deal with for the past few months, but i'm back and here to give you some of my favorite poems here in this community.
and today is the day I realizeI breathe the air of freedom likeI’m choking down my mothers cigarettes living off the high of her money and coughing out the exact change I keepdug deep down in my insecurities, locked away in the safe for safe keepingkept for the day that I am no longer safe.For the day when my Atm cant save me from my big words the endless hours after falling in the mud that is my dirty money sculpted from my mothers tears; of her mistakes that I so kindly point out while my grasping fingers grip every dollar that rushes down her facethat I say I earn. I Earned that.welcome to your twenties where everyone is ashamed that murderisn’t in their future Only the fun die young. Leave me face down in the dirt There’s no money to clean me off this time by @LizArnone
You ask if I'm okay. I say I'm fine. But do you even really look? Look at the pain in my eyes? Or is my facade impenetrable? I guess I've mastered my mask. Hiding my feelings. Never saying what I need to say. The words run dry on my tongue. It's like a desert in need of a little rain. But the rain does not help the words. But leak from the eyes. Stream down the face. Just to be wiped away. I guess that's when my facade slips. When you can see passed. But can you learn to see the signs before the rain comes pouring down? -Kat, May 10, 2015
Where are you, My other half, That piece of me missing, I sing on your behalf, When no ones looking. Are you happy, Other side of me, You Thought I cling to, That love I see, Living life you do. I feel your absence, But that hope, That shines and whispers, Like my guiding rope. My dreams fill, With your gaze, Leaving my heart, Locked in golden rays. Your presence completes me, My literal foundation, As together we band, To ignite creation. Your very breath, Would breathe me life, Only as life lived is that of love. The frail piece I am, Of missing kisses, And deepened hugs, And Hopeful wishes, Is what I realize, But I strive for strength, So that it's seen soon, Through your eyes. Poem © Mary Spotted-Eagle-Woman Roberts
Tick, tock, tick, tock,fearful tidings from a open-faced clockI'm waiting and watching at the kitchen doorhoping I won't have to keep hiding no moreemotions are spent, my thoughts are all driveltired of keeping my head on a swivel always hoping, looking over my shoulderfighting fear feels like Sisyphus and the boulderI had love for a minute, now she's gone awayI swear I tried my best to convince her to stayShe told me there was no emotion insideI heard those words and the last light in me died There's no justice in love, no peace and no reasonjust passing fancies and the delights of the seasonmurder ain't legal, but heartbreak, that fliesno penalty for taking the joy from your eyesI've gotten nothing left to give, that much is basicall I can do now is turn to my fear, time to face it.
So this is as far as I've been able to read, I've added a couple of cards to my own personal collection of community poems that you might be able to see as the cover photo. But if you want to to see if you've made it into that collection then you go on right ahead, it'll permit you bragging rights and you can boast. Just know that i am back and will be a lot more active looking for more talented Poets to add to a collection. So long for now and see you next time.
Thank you so much @voltron15
Nice to see you @voltron15! And nice highlights. I hope you're doing well!
thanks for the mention @voltron15. :)