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I've always had a hard time really getting into stand-up comedy. Sometimes I think it tries too hard to be funny, and other times the jokes just seem to go over my head. John Mulaney's stand up is different. His ability to make the mundane hilarious is unique and brilliant.
John Mulaney is probably best know for his work on SNL as the genius behind Bill Hader's character, Stefon. He's responsible for Stefon's ridiculous club recommendations and offensive jokes about midgets.
His comedy special, New In Town, is no where near as absurd as Stefon's character, but it is just as funny. It's nerdy and self-deprecating, as Mulaney spends just as much time mocking himself as he does others.
When he's not making fun of himself, he's being totally relatable. Whether it's mocking Ice-T's acting abilities or discussing his adult fear of middle school bullies, his observations are spot on and stray from the typical and boring "what's up with airline food" stand up. Mulaney's true skill lies in his subtlety, making any anecdote, no matter how standard, accessible enough that the audience wants to yell "that's so true!"
So for anyone like me, who is always a bit hesitant to start a stand-up special, John Mulaney's New In Town is a great place to start. His unique jokes and perfect delivery will not disappoint.
You can watch New In Town on Netflix.
I'm definitely watching this tonight. I love Netflix's selection of stand-up comedy specials. I watched Nick Offerman's the last time I was cleaning my house.
@danidee they do have some great ones. John Mulaney's is especially good in my opinion, but I'm going to try out some other ones- Louis CK for sure.