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There are women who over do it when it comes to wearing blush and there are women who don't wear blush at all.

You should fall somewhere in between the two. When it comes to wearing blush, you want to use a light hand so that you don't resemble a clown in a matter of minutes. Blush is meant to add a little color and fun to the face, but not knowing what color best suits you or how to apply your blush can have you resembling Ronald McDonald's distant cousin if you aren't careful.
Like foundation, blush comes in a variety of colors to best suit your complexion. Although most colors work for everyone, what looks great on you might not always look so great on the next woman. If you want to rock blush, but aren't on the fence -- let me be the first to change your mind.

Learn to apply your blush based on the shape of your face.

Fair Skin: For my fair skin ladies, light pinks and peach shades are perfect for you.

Colors in the pink family will allow you to achieve a natural flushed look without over doing it. The lighter the better. Remember, a little goes a long way.

Olive Skin: Natural tan ladies, deep pinks and peaches with a tint of orange suit you best.

Since you already have a natural glow to your complexion, you don't need to add too much more color. Choose the perfect middle man when it comes to blush, stray away from colors that tend to be too light or too dark.

Dark Skin: Melanin beauties, deep plums and oranges will compliment your cheeks like none other.

Look for blushes in those families and instantly enhance your look with a few light strokes.
Hey Selena! I definitely think the blush in your profile looks great and your skin complexion is beautiful. pinks and corals def suit olive skin. I would lean more towards coral shades, it compliments olive best in my opinion :) @SelenaTeefey
I have olive skin and I usually use pink or coral blush but I have no idea if it suits me or not. Any opinion on the blush I'm wearing in the profile picture?
I have olive skin, and I've never thought to try a deep pink blush before! I feel like peach has always felt safe to me, but I think I'm ready to switch it up. ;)
Thank you so much. Yes, I personally have thing towards coral shades haha :)
peach is always a safe color! but pink is always more fun. give it a try!! :) @danidee