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So it's about that time when you decide working out just isn't working for you. You have no time, its way to hot outside to even think about moving let alone working out, the BBQ's (and pasta salad) are endless and you just don't seem to see a difference!
Do yourself a favor and don't give up!! To help you along I have some fool proof reasons why keeping up with your workouts during the summer will make your life so much better.
Okay so I know some people workout and diet hard core to lose weight but if you're more about toning and getting strong then the number on the scale (which doesn't matter), that get to eat more! And don't worry, I don't just mean you get to eat more carrot sticks. If you check out Foods I Ate When I Had Abs, you'll see that no food is off the table when working out hard. So yeah, grab that second cheese burger, you deserve it.
Working out and getting healthy gives you so much more energy then a pot of coffee and a monster ever will. Thats because you don't have to worry about the crash later on in the day. Don't believe me? According to the Harvard Health, while candy and sugar may give you a quick boost of energy, its the whole grains and healthy fats that give you energy for your body to draw on throughout the day.
It may take a few week, a few months, half a year but there will be that day when you wake up, look in the mirror and actually see a difference!! Maybe your arms look super toned, or your butt looks amazing in your pants and your stomach defiantly looks flatter. After you catch that glimpse you'll take a long look and realize you look healthier, fitter, and closer to your goal.
And that is why you can not stop! Because no matter how long it takes for you to notice, you will feel amazing!
Thanks for mentioning my card! I know as far as seeing results, I know taking pictures are helpful. Sometimes the mirror can give us a distorted image of our bodies and results. Oh, and eating more is definitely important -- I can't stress that enough. A lot of the times when we don't see any results, it's because we're not eating enough, so our bodies freak out and hold on to as much as they can.
@alywoah honestly you don't have to tell me twice to eat more !!! just had ann amazing sandwich for lunch that i would legit eat again right now if i could lol