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I'm still a little kid at heart in the sense that I absolutely love arts and crafts! This DIY project mixes my love for arts and crafts with my love for fashion and unique fashion pieces.

1. Grab some zippers from the fabric or craft store.

You can go for classic black or change it up with colors. You will need to get a long zipper because you need to cut it in half to have enough pieces to braid the zippers. You will also need a leather crimp from the craft store.

2. Cut the zipper in half and start braiding.

Cut the zipper in half and then unzip it so that you have four pieces of zippers. Take three pieces and use the leather crimp to clamp the pieces together on one end. Then braid the three pieces of zipper. Once you get to the end, clamp the other piece of the leather crimp to the end.

3. Fasten to your wrist.

How cool does this look? Now you have a unique accessory that was very cheap and easy to make. Rock it!