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Last night I went on a date for the first time in a very long time. It was very sweet -- we went for a bite to eat at a Thai restaurant and then we wrapped up the night with sitting at a city park, while being accompanied by family of mice. He we so gentlemanlike, he even offered to stomp on them if they happen to crawl up my leg.
My hero.
But then he said five words that made me cringe:

“Puerto Rican food is boring.”

Él no sabe nada.

He talked about how he visited Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, and he wasn't impressed by the food. When I asked him what he ate, he said porkchops. Of all the foods he could have eaten from the Puerto Rican cuisine, he decided to choose a slap of fatty pork -- that he can get from anywhere.
The Puerto Rican cuisine is a fusion of African, Spanish, and Taino cooking traditions. Our dishes are infused with a sweet-and-salty palate, with an explosion of fresh, lively flavors.
That isn't boring, your food palate is, mister!

Here's some of what our dishes include. And they're amazing:


This dish is made with layers of fried sweet plantains, tender ground beef, topped with melted cheese.


Made with grated green plantain, stuffed with Spanish green olives, pork, chickpeas, and bayleaves.

Asopao de pollo

Slowly cooked, this stew includes slices of tender chicken and white rice.


Fried plantain is mashed and can be filled with various ingredients like vegetables, chicken, shrimp, and beef. It's then typically served with seafood over it or with it.


Pork that's slowly cooked for an hour. It has a spiced, crispy skin and a succulent middle.


It's a very rich sponge cake that's creamy and sweet. When your fork slowly slices into it, you'll think you're eating a piece of sweet heaven.


Made with rum, sweet coconut milk, condensed milk, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.

Arroz con gandules y habichuelas

Rice with pigeon peas and along side with stewed pink kidney beans.
Told you it's amazing.
I NEED the Mofongo in my life. LIKE ASAP! Thank you! Great card. Tell him he's not cultured enough & to get with the program.
@shannonl5 he's really cute so i'm gonna cut him some slack and force him to eat the best Puerto Rican food he has ever tasted. :P
That would've been a deal-breaker for me. I'm sorry that dude doesn't have a refined palate, haha
I say show him up and cook one of these amazing dishes for him...then he’ll literally have to EAT HIS WORDS!
@melomir i knowww!!! he has no idea
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