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This is not a drill! Everyone get super excited because NYC Pride is this weekend! It's the time when you can wear the craziest outfits and show your support for the LGBTQ community! Get ready to have the best weekend of your life!

Rainbow makeup

Your face is a great canvas to show your pride for NYC Pride. A great way to get super bright colors without spending a lot of money is to use softened non-toxic colored pencils. It sounds crazy but it really works. All you have to do is soak the colored pencils in hot water for about five minutes to soften them. Because colored pencils are made for kids (who eat everything), the pencils are perfectly safe to use on your eyes and lips and anywhere else on your skin.
Watch this video (and read the card) for a great and easy tutorial about how to use colored pencils for makeup.


Rock an awesome pride t-shirt! There are a lot of places (especially on Bleeker Street) that sell Pride shirts, especially in the week before the Pride weekend.

Wear bright colors.

Find the brightest pieces of clothing that you own and wear them! Together! I promise nothing you pick out will be too much for Pride. Go for anything that is bright and bold. Neon? Yes. Bright stripes? Yes. Crazy patterns? Definitely.

Crazy rainbow accessories

Pride is made for people who want to pull out all the stops with their fashion. Rainbow tutus, rainbow afros, group costumes, feather boas, rainbow sunglasses — it's all there. Head to a costume store (there are a lot in NYC) to find the coolest and most unique pieces to wear to Pride.
Show your pride!
There is always next year!
Ah! I'm getting there just after. Boo