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How I wish to be able to spend time with you in this beautiful weather.   Pg 3 Can’t believe Mikan is leaving tomorrow..Graduation is nearing and yet we can’t spend the rest of the days with her.   Pg 4 If one day I’m no longer around, please look after Mikan for me.   Pg 5 In the dreams, Natsume appeared   Pg 6 It’s as though Natsume no longer exists in this world, feeling the pain in my chest every morning…Where are you??   Pg 7 We are parting soon and I have not bid farewell to you Mr Bear, so many things have happened between us, so let the two of us talk about these shared memories tonight..   Pg 8 That’s how I met Mr Bear…   Pg 9 We won’t be meeting each other anymore starting from tomorrow..why do you still want to put up a fight with me.   Pg 10 Hi Mikan, why are you fighting with Mr Bear?   Pg 11 Mikan: Mr Bear has no one else but me.. Mikan is the only person Mr Bear has been able to confide in It is hard for Mr Bear now that Mikan has to leave the school and it must have felt lonely and unwanted and can only vent its anger on Mikan   Pg 12 It makes me happy though that even Mr Bear can feel the same way towards Mikan.   Pg 13 Don’t worry Mikan, I will help you explain to Mr Bear that you are not abandoning it..there are times when we have to part and go on our own ways   Pg 14 Mr Bear will sure understand Mikan and her plight. Mikan: Luka and Tsubasa, do you want to follow me to the market to get something for my grandpa?   Pg 15 Tsubasa: You both go ahead and enjoy yourselves   Pg 16 Even though I feel like buying many things, I only have enough money to buy this box.. Luka: I’m sure your grandpa will be happy with the gift. Let’s take a break and have some candy floss. Mikan: Look at that cloud, it’s like the candy floss!   Pg 18 Mikan: Luka…. Luka: Since the day I confessed to you, my feelings for you have not changed….i love you….   Pg 19 Luka: This is the first time I’ve ever liked anyone this way. Even though I can’t be compared to Natsume.. Mikan: Luka, even though we are going to part, I will miss you and wait for you to grow up   Pg 20 Mikan: If one day I’m no longer around… Luka: I will always wait for you..   Pg 21 Luka: This time I will let Natsume get ahead of me.   Pg 22 Luka: Please do not choose Natsume anymore. Fall in love with me. I will not lose this time.   Pg 23 - 24 Luka: Please come back soon or I will definitely not go easy on you.   Pg 25 Please don’t lurk around alone in the dark anymore   Pg 26 Come here Mr Bear, Let’s not fight anymore and sleep together… We have been sleeping together all these while..come on…   Pg 27 Mikan: Goodnight Mr Bear   Pg 28 Luka…   Pg 29 Will I forget Natsume and Hotaru after leaving here.. Each time I close my eyes..they will always appear in my mind… Ch 173
@tapnhan , that sounds great, let's do it :D please message me your email and let's talk about it more via email :D
hi @pnhq, thank you so much for your hard work, i'm a big fan of this series and i'm very appreciated your hard work :D Btw, our new scanlation group, MizukiBookshelf are thinking of making Gakuen Alice our new project. So i wonder if you can help us with this beautiful series :D Love to hear from you :)
I mean the translation in this card contains all the pages translated
@soula81 Oh really?! Where are the translated pages though? I have looked through a bunch of manga websites and there were no new updates. :( If you can please tell me where I can read it then that would be awesome. :D
@Nyancatfrenzy I think this is only a rough translation, all the pages have been translated i believe
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