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I recently watched @DancingPartyTme's video on Sulli leaving f(x) (And I encourage you to watch it too, she gives a great brief summary of the topic)!
And I just read that SM has made an official "statement" regarding Sulli's position in f(x).
"There is nothing that has been decided. We will make a decision on Sulli's future group activities after careful consideration."
While it's not really much of a statement, it's clear that things are complicated between SM and Sulli and as @DancingPartyTme mentioned, her hiatus only affects the group at large, especially with the upcoming comeback.
SM Entertainment added..."We are flustered that such articles have come out when nothing has been concretely decided on regarding Sulli."
Well, if it takes a year for fans to find out what's going on with a group...obviously rumors are going to start going around.
2014 was already a bad year for SM with Kris and Luhan leaving (and those legal issues still haven't been sorted out). And this year, it has started with Tao and Sulli. I can only imagine how the rest of this year will go for SM...
I think some of the comments bring up interesting points.
"Is this sm new promotional method? Every time a group with missing members r making a comeback something comes out about the missing members. Fans get mad and say I'm going to do whatever spend whatever vote as many times as I need to make sure the absence of the member/s is not felt. Good one SM. And idiot fans fall for it."
If this is a promotional method, I don't think it has worked for SM so far...
"I gotta say with all this change going on with SM I fell like I'm being distanced... Like as a fan of Kris, Luhan, Sulli I'm kinda...I can't think of another word- hurt? Like I shouldn't be but if Sulli leaves I really think I will distance myself from SM all together."
This is such a good point! I can definitely relate to how many fans might feel distant from their groups, especially if their favorite member leaves.
"SM really sucks at managing their artists. Either they don't teach them any work ethics or they're treat them really harshly."
I am not sure how I feel about this one. SM is doing a pretty bad job with artists leaving and breaking contracts, but I'm not sure about the members' work ethics (I'll agree on the harsh treatment though...EXO is a great example of that). What do you guys think?
I think we can all agree SM is failing pretty badly right now? But let's hope no more artists get tangled in the SM mess.
SM Entertainment should change their name to SMH Entertainment. I really dunno what is going on with them. I really feel like washing my hands of them..butttttt in reality that's not possible.
As far as I'm concerned I still have TVXQ-JYJ and I will listen to my TVXQ-JYJ but it is worrisome for the newer artists
I'm just waiting for them to come up with another scandal like Baek and Taeyeon "dating" to cover this all up :/
@sherrysahar I understand what you're saying! Members do need their fans. I think the comment was saying how when one idol leaves the group, it gets kinda sad. Like if Hanbin left iKON, I'd feel so sad and somewhat disconnected from the group...I'd still support them though :D
I can't distant bcs I love the groups not the company nd they need their fans nd we love them 2 so y distant just bcs of irresponsible company nope u shdnt be blaming the other members I know we can feel hurt but other members need their fans 2 so it's not fair to be distant to them just what I think
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