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I'm extremely grateful to @paulisaverage for turning me on to Australian singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett, because she has been at the forefront of my playlist ever since.
She's all over the place right now, dominating air time at NPR and registering numerous interviews with major blogs and music services. I think what makes her so likable is the fact that her music is so accessible: it's just her and a fairly average guitar. Her voice isn't on any best-of-all-time lists, but it's still great. Her lyrics are dead-pan and direct, and always totally decipherable. Plus, she's got that awesome Australian accents, and anyone who follows popular music in the US knows that we Americans love our accents.
I've actually already written about this song, "Depreston," but I've just found that Barnett did a Take Away Show of it, which is even more exciting. The video is linked above, and it's clear that this is exactly the kind of song that is at its best stripped down to almost nothing.
I especially like the way the lyric,
"It's got a lovely garden A garage for two cars to park in Or a lot of room for storage If you've just got one"
sounds in this performance. Her random rhymes are so intriguing - it actually reminds me of Bob Dylan in a lot of ways, the way Dylan used to force rhymes at times when you never would've thought it necessary. But it works, to our pleasant surprise.
Enjoy the track. I've linked the original version above, too. Which do you like better?