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Yoo Seung Ho has decided to enlist in the military. According to his agency, Yoo Seung Ho has decided that ‘I Miss You‘ would be his last project before enlisting. He will be enlisting in early 2013, and will be enlisting not as an entertainment solider but as a regular solider. Yoo Seung Ho will be 19 next year, and has decided to join his fellow 19-year-olds in enlisting in the military. After ‘I Miss You’ ends, he will be taking a short break before enlisting. His agency added, “He has a strong will to fulfill his role as a member of Korea’s youth before being an actor. ‘I Miss You’ will be his last project that he can meet viewers with before his enlistment. It will be a meaningful project for him, so he will be working even harder“.
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oooo noooooes...but al least he'll have it done early & can do what he wants afterwards, without it looming over his head...fighting Yoo Seung Ho!!