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Almost every Disney Channel show had some weird spin on it. Lizzie McGuire had the animated version of herself and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody took place in a hotel. As entertaining as those shows were, my ten-year-old self always thought Raven's physic powers were the coolest thing on Disney Channel TV.
The sassy psychic had a huge personality on the show and I'm pretty sure it exists off screen as well. Since her stint on Disney Channel, I think Raven Symone has only gotten more awesome. Fighting for same sex marriage and against the labels that media quickly slaps on celebrities, Raven is just as opinionated as she was before. Now, she can bring those opinions to the public as a co-host on The View.
Chelsea was the classic ditzy and oblivious best friend, but I always identified with her the most because she was super passionate about animals. Anneliese van der Pol left That's So Raven and began doing more theater work, splitting her time between musicals and smaller indie films.
Ugh Raven and Eddie were totally into each other throughout this entire series, I so wanted them to date, but alas. Just like in the show, Orlando Brown is an aspiring rapper. He has stopped acting to focus on his music career and seems relatively successful, having worked with artists like Akon and Sean Kingston!!
Cory was the classic little brother, constantly reminding me of my own brother with the number of pranks he pulled on Raven. Kyle Massey hasn't done much since That's So Raven. Most recently, he was on Dancing With The Stars, proving once again that the reality show has a tough time recruiting actual celebrities to compete.
I always wanted to hang with Raven and her friends at The Chill Grill, her dad's restaurant. Rondell Seridan's comedic role as Raven's dad transitioned into what is now a fairly successful stand-up comedy and improv career.
Thanks @LauraFisher !! I loved it! hahaha. I was such a huge fan of the Disney Channel growing up, but I always had to watch at friends' houses because we didn't have it haha. That's So Raven was probably my favorite too :) Especially Cory's many pranks!!
@EvelynLozano @crystalray @allischaaff you guys seem to enjoy these nostalgic posts, hope you like this one!
Haha @allischaaff, that's awesome I'm glad you could find your Disney Channel fix somewhere :)