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A lot has been said about Matt Fraction's Hawkeye. Clint Barton is kind of a mess. His fumbles are familiar and human- which means everyone can relate to him. Which aspect of him do you think you are?


"Okay. This looks bad."
Yes it does. You've walked yourself into a corner, and you're pretty sure you'll get out of this one okay, but in the meantime, you might want to be more cautious.


"No good news. Everything sucks."
Today is not going to be your favorite day. Just roll with it. Things probably can't get substantially worse, so at least you have tomorrow to look forward to.


"Captain America, one time."
You are so super cool, and clearly not enough people know it. Sure, you might not be hip to everything the cool kids are talking about, but Captain America called you one time.


"Guys-- guys! Guys?"
You're going through a confusing time. It will all turn out okay. Most likely. Hopefully. Whatever, you'll figure it out.


"When you say it like that it sounds stupid."
Sometimes people just don't get you. That's to be expected. From the outside, your schemes do seem a little hare-brained, but that's just how you operate. Don't let it drag you down.


"You gotta make your own stuff work out."
Things are tough right now, and it might not get any easier. But you're good at working with what you got. Don't try to fit into any one else's idea of who you should be.


"No, you're stupid bro."
You need to work on your people skills a little bit more. And get better at dealing with surprises. And shave. You'll get there buddy.


"Because... boomerangs."
You have good taste my friend. Don't take criticism from people who don't understand. Especially if they drink all your coffee.


"I'm sorry and I need your help."
Sometimes, being brave means doing something hard, like apologizing, instead of running headfirst into danger. Do the hard thing.


""Good boy. Good boy."
Sometimes, people have trouble appreciating the simple things. Take the time to acknowledge the efforts of others, and encourage yourself to grow your support network.


"Paleolithic. I looked it up."
Hey bro, all the knowledge in the world won't save you from your own goofy mistakes. Seriously, be careful.


"That sucked."
At least it's over? The best thing you can do right now is move on. You have bigger things to deal with.
"Clint Barton, you dummy."
The last issue of Fraction's Hawkeye will be releasted July 15th. It's sad to see such an amazing series come to a close. These characters and stories are so relateable- I almost wish there were more star signs because it was so hard to pick only a few quotes! I'm gonna miss that dummy Clint. Anyone else?
Hahaha, omg, the Aries one (mine), is basically me everyday. ..
@shannonl5 Agreed! XD
@poojas Hahaha yes. Clint is basicslly everyone's inner self
"Guys-- guys! Guys?" Accurate. I am perpetually confused!
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