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At Summer's diamond dawn, we woke up tangled
In sheets, in limbs, in the paling of the sky
holding fast to one another, baking in the heat.
breathy whispering and wheezing laughter
summer waxed, the sunlight of our lives
a forever place cemented in our minds.
taking photographs, giving kisses
walking on decrepit old boardwalks,
swimming in each other's eyes.
it was the summer of our most content
loving heedlessly, fearlessly
disregarding the shortening days
it was the summer of our most content
and it will tide us over
through the winter.
Today's little poem is inspired by the classic Steely Dan song "Reelin' in the Years" which is brought to us courtesy of jeff4122's Lyric of the Day #19. Check out his collection for some awesome tunes.
Your everlasting summer
You can see it fading fast
So you grab a piece of something
That you think is gonna last
You wouldn't know a diamond
If you held it in your hand
The things you think are precious
I can't understand
@jeff4122 thanks for the feedback, man. and no problem. gotta make sure the people here the music!
@VinMcCarthy nice poem. I like the spacing of it - you're really good at that, frequently. Thanks for the shoutout, too!