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From “Gangnam Style” to Beverly Hills style? Psy pays $1.25 million in cash for condo
It seems Psy has finally settled in the States as he is said to have recently purchased a $1.25 million condo near Beverly Hills, paid entirely in cash! The star reportedly bought the 2,700 square feet, two bedroom apartment in the exclusive 29-story Blair House complex, near Beverly Hills. Psy apparently kept very low key about the real estate deal and was surrounded by security guards while he made the financial transaction with money that was wired directly from Korea. Psy has earned 8 million USD from “Gangnam Style” and it seems he’s using some of that to move on from Gangnam to Beverly Hills style.
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clipped to my gangnam fever collection :)
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does it mean he is going to be like hollywood stars?
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@superdinos I wish he could make it. :)
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