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Touching these six acupressure points for 10 to 30 seconds will reduce the amount of pain you're experiencing and help get rid of what is bothering you.

Pressure Point #1: The base of your skull.

Press here to ditch itchy eyes and exhaustion.

Pressure Point #2: The spot right under your collarbone.

Press here to help clear up a sore throat and anxiety.

Pressure Point #3: The outer edge of the crease of your elbow.

Press here to decrease tension and congestion.

Pressure Point #4: Halfway down the outside of your upper arm.

Press here to fight nausea and clear your head.

Pressure Point #5: An inch below your belly button.

Press here to beat period bloat.

Pressure Point #6: The web between your pinkie and ring finger.

Press here to ease dizziness and back pain.

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Number Five SAVED THE DAY! Needed this. #5 will always come in handy. Now let's just hope it works as good as my 800mg of ibuprofen.
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If only I found this like 5 minutes ago when my stomach was hurting. :T
3 years ago·Reply
well maybe next time? @AlmightyAli
3 years ago·Reply
@skee292 Most definitely
3 years ago·Reply