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Out of Ibuprofen: Just Press Here
Touching these six acupressure points for 10 to 30 seconds will reduce the amount of pain you're experiencing and help get rid of what is bothering you.

Pressure Point #1: The base of your skull.

Press here to ditch itchy eyes and exhaustion.

Pressure Point #2: The spot right under your collarbone.

Press here to help clear up a sore throat and anxiety.

Pressure Point #3: The outer edge of the crease of your elbow.

Press here to decrease tension and congestion.

Pressure Point #4: Halfway down the outside of your upper arm.

Press here to fight nausea and clear your head.

Pressure Point #5: An inch below your belly button.

Press here to beat period bloat.

Pressure Point #6: The web between your pinkie and ring finger.

Press here to ease dizziness and back pain.

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Number Five SAVED THE DAY! Needed this. #5 will always come in handy. Now let's just hope it works as good as my 800mg of ibuprofen.
2 years ago·Reply
If only I found this like 5 minutes ago when my stomach was hurting. :T
2 years ago·Reply
well maybe next time? @AlmightyAli
2 years ago·Reply
@skee292 Most definitely
2 years ago·Reply