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The women of Destiny's Child were the queens of belting out inspirational and empowering lyrics. They were also the queens of matching
they wore.
Listen to "Survivor" while you take a trip down (and scroll through) memory lane.
This much print gives me a headache.
Pink, pink and more pink. Oh, and some more pink.
For some reason, I don't think that's what they wear in the army.
Nothing like tons of really bright, stiff purple fabric.
So. Much. Fringe. So. Much. Orange.
Blue cowgirls? Sure.
If I had abs like that, I would rock those blue camo bra tops too. Well, maybe.
Does this remind anyone else of bridesmaid dresses?
No one could forget this very green Grammy look.
The women brought back the matching fun when they reunited for the Superbowl performance. These looks, however, are much better than the strange matching outfits they used to wear back in their Destiny's Child days.
Their days of being a band might be over, but those women are still rocking the matching outfit game.